Our Facilities

At Adelie, food comes first. Our factories and distribution facilities allow us to deliver fresh tasty product to store for your customers to enjoy.

Our factories and distribution centres vary in size and scale. This means we can best meet the needs of all customers. We’re not just a sandwich supplier, we’re the most flexible volume producer of Food To Go in the UK. We ensure a consistently high standard of product through the highest hygiene and technical standards

Big enough to handle your needs, flexible enough to react quickly

A manufacturing solution for all

At Adelie, our customers benefit from our ability to turn both traditional and innovative products into reality, consistently and to the highest quality. From delicious cheese toasties, to fresh crunchy salads, we can produce the food to go formats to meet your needs.

You’re always welcome to pop into our development kitchen in our Heathrow head office, to get hands-on with us developing new products, which we can produce in our nearby manufacturing facilities.