Reducing our Food Waste

Our Commitment to WRAP

Here at Adelie we are committed to working in an environmentally responsible manner with a focus on minimising our food waste. We are continuously reviewing our processes to drive improvements that can help us to reduce our waste across the business.

We have signed up to WRAP’s Food Waste Reduction Plan covering our eight UK sites. We have committed to reducing our food waste by 40% of handled product including packaging by 2025 and 50% by 2030.

Further Initiatives

Our bread-based products have a short shelf life, which can make redistribution of surplus food a challenge. We work with our partners to help minimise this waste where possible. We provide over seven tonnes of bread to craft breweries, including Toast Ale, so that it can be used as part of the brewing process.

We also offer excess sandwiches to our employees to enjoy free of charge so that they don’t go to waste.

We work with local charities and food banks to supply our food to them where possible.

We’re also committed to reducing the amount of waste from our packaging. Board for our Urban Eat cartons is from managed and renewable forests and our cartons are widely recycled.