Adelie is committed to a corporate social responsibility program that clearly defines our desire to be a preferred employer. We make it a point to be environmentally conscience to our surroundings, to seek opportunities to engage and enrich our local communities. We strive to create a safe and rewarding work environment for our employees and ensure that all we do is ethical , visible and tracked at all levels.


We recognise that in most of our sites there are many generations of families working in all departments and at all levels.

Therefore, we seek opportunities to engage and enrich our local communities in things like school chef days, food banks, and local charities.

We pride ourselves that our sites are firmly part of their local communities, and encourage the teams to support charities and organisations with significance to their areas as well as large national charities such as MacMillan.


We are committed to reducing our impact on the global and local environment associated with our operations.

At Adelie we drive a programme called ‘War on Waste’ and seek to eliminate food waste at every stage in our supply chain. Where we are unable to prevent the waste occurring, we try to find valid uses.

We are proud to be part of a partnership that tackles waste and has a positive effect on the community as a result. This is implemented by taking the untouched bread crusts that are rejected when making sandwiches, supplying them to a network of craft brewers in conjunction with ‘Toast Ale’ to brew beer. This is then sold to fund activities by the charity ‘Feedback’, focusing on using food waste to feed the needy.

Food Waste

As a business we continually look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and food waste is a major focus for us.

We have conducted reviews across our manufacturing and distribution sites to ensure we are working towards eliminating and reducing food waste where possible.

We have signed up to WRAP’s  Food Waste Reduction Plan and have pledged to reduce our food waste by 40% of handled product including packaging by 2025. Click here for further information.

People & Culture

Employees at all levels are encouraged to develop their skills, either on the job or within a training environment.

Adelie are working in partnership with the charity ‘Stronger Together’ who offer a safe, caring environment for people experiencing modern slavery.

This is a widespread, underestimated issue in the UK and we are passionate about offering a way out and support to anyone within our network that needs help.


Adelie is a private equity owned business, committed to providing timely and open information to all associated with us.

From investor and customer to employee, it is important to us that everyone has a clear understanding of our company vision and performance.

Every member of our company has access to a monthly briefing about key measures of performance as well as any significant challenges or successes.