Our Products

At Adelie, we make millions of Food To Go products a week, in thousands of varieties, including our top brands and private label. We have the capability to produce large quantities and the flexibility to provide bespoke offerings.

Our capability covers all bread-based products including sandwiches, subs, wraps, toasties and panini. We also provide nutritious breakfast options, such as fruit, granola and yoghurt, and tasty snacks, including sushi, crudités and protein pots. Plus, delicious lunch options, from salads to catering platters.

All handmade in our nationwide manufacturing estate, we are proud to be able to deliver some of the freshest Food To Go available in the UK.

We deliver market-leading growth by putting the consumer at the heart of everything we do

Consistently high quality, handcrafted food

Not only do we have all the certification you’d expect a food manufacturer to have, including a minimum A grade BRC standard (find out more about that here), we also take the time to develop the tastiest recipes and source the freshest ingredients so you can be sure your Food To Go range will be of the highest quality.

Innovating for the future

The Food To Go sector is predicted to grow to £23.5bn by 2022. We’re already seeing big changes in the way food is consumed in this dynamic category. To ensure we’re ahead when it comes to innovation, we take inspiration from other markets and cuisines, and our creative development team turn these trends into highly effective 12-18 month food plans that you (and your customers) will love!

Gluten-free options

At Adelie we want everyone to be able to enjoy a tasty, exciting meal on the go, no matter what their dietary requirements. We understand for foodservice and retailers, it’s not always easy to produce gluten free options yourself, which is why we do it for you. We work closely with Coeliac UK and a number of our gluten free sandwiches and products carry the Crossed Grain logo, so you can be safe in the knowledge your gluten free Food To Go range really is gluten free.

Our meat-free range

Meat free is no longer a trend – it is very much a mainstream dietary choice with more people than ever looking for vegan and vegetarian options. Meat-free doesn’t have to be boring though. Through our Urban Eat range, private label range and partnership with the UK’s number one meat-free brand, we have a broad range of fresh, exciting Food To Go options and delicious vegan sandwiches and wraps, inspired from flavours from all over the world. Tasty!

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URBAN eat offers a wide variety of Food To Go products

Our Halal Range

All of our manufacturing sites are approved by the Halal Authority Board (HAB). The Halal Authority Board approve our raw materials for use by reviewing the suppliers and specifications and certifying each product. URBAN eat products are not Halal unless specified and certified with the Halal logo on the packaging.

There is no risk of cross contamination between Halal and Non-halal as we have strict procedures in place. All of our Halal raw materials are clearly labelled and segregated, each line is cleaned down between products and a newly washed set of equipment used for each product.