Our Products

We create over 3m products a week, across 1,400 varieties. Our portfolio is the widest available of any manufacturer and we continually refresh our ranges to keep ahead of market trends.

Our capability covers all bread-based products including sandwiches, subs, wraps, toasties and panini, with additional expertise in salads, snacks, yoghurts and catering platters. All hand-made in our nationwide factory estate, we are proud to be able to deliver some of the freshest Food To Go available in the UK.

We deliver market-leading growth by putting the consumer at the heart of everything we do

How We Work Best

We invest heavily in consumer insight and research as we believe that understanding and connecting with the latest food, product and consumption trends can inspire the next great food idea. We don’t simply supply – we partner our customers in delivering growth through joined-up food strategies married with their corporate goals.

I was really proud to stand by the range and present the launch to our internal management. I’m delighted with the quality of the products.” Jonathan Wright – Head of Chilled To Go Category Management at Compass

Working 5 years out, looking at long term consumer behaviour trends, we are best placed to turn on new innovations when the market is ready. With our creative development team, we turn this into highly effective 12-18 month food plans that our customers (and their consumers) love.

Everyone loves great food, we love creating market-first food that people love even more.

URBAN eat offers a wide variety of halal range

Our Halal Range

All of our factories are approved by the Halal Food Authority Board (HAB). The Halal Food Authority approve the raw material for use by reviewing the suppliers and specifications and issue a certificate of authenticity against each product. URBAN eat products are not Halal unless specified and certified with the Halal logo on the packaging.

There is no risk of cross contamination between Halal and Non halal lines as each line is cleaned down between products and a newly washed set of equipment used on each product produced.

The raw chicken is clearly labelled upon delivery, it is quarantined and issued to production as required in order to control any potential for cross contamination. Halal products are made first after deep clean and once finished not revisited – as such there is no risk that any standard product could get mixed with Halal products.

Red wine Vinegar:

We are aware that red wine vinegar is a sub component of raw materials that we use within our Halal range. As mentioned above, all our raw materials are approved prior to use by the Halal Authority Board who certify both our products and sites for the manufacturer of our Halal range. The wine vinegars and spirit vinegars have a residual alcohol level of 0.5% in the raw material and in turn when incorporated into the finished product would be negligible at 0.05% overall.

The process to obtain vinegars is natural and is not intended to be made to produce alcohol, residual alcohol is a by-product of the fermentation process. Due to this process and the negligible levels of alcohol it has been approved by HAB; thus Halal.

Adelie Foods Kilmarnock Halal Certificate 2017

Adelie Foods Wembley Halal Certificate 2017

Adelie Foods Southall Halal Certificate 2017