We share, inspire and lead when it comes to innovation to keep our customers at the forefront of consumer trends

At Adelie, innovation is actively integrated into our work stream. Market data and consumer insight feed into everything we do. We detect emerging food trends ahead of the crowd and turn them into unique products that push the boundaries of Food To Go and enable us to offer a whole category approach to innovation that excites our customers and consumers alike.

We have an ever evolving short, medium and long term vision of the future

Food of the future

Our innovation team is closely aligned to consumer trends – that means we know what new products consumers want before they do. There’s a robust rationale for each and every initiative, and our visionary team do the research, then work collaboratively with our suppliers to grow and nurture these ideas into viable, industry-leading products.


Flavours, tastes and experiences from across the world are fuelling the latest UK food trends. We take the time to travel to different countries and get under the skin of different cultures and cuisines to inspire new product development.

“We live in a global society where new and inspirational are the norm. My team is constantly being inspired by the cuisines, ingredients and cooking techniques of other countries and using their expertise to bring truly new products to our customers.” – Innovation Team

Whether it’s the theatre from the ever-popular street food markets of Seoul or sourcing unique cured meats from Bologna – we’ll always go further to keep our customers ahead. Our brand new Simit is just one example of how we’ve taken inspiration from another country and brought it to market, with fantastic success. Read more about it on our blog.