A Passion for Food

Our food is hand-made, so our people are vital to bringing innovative ideas to life.

We ensure that our food is crafted by the most passionate and knowledgeable people in the industry. Our highly creative teams are constantly inspiring and driving food values through our entire business.

Our Food Heroes and Masterclass programmes ensure everyone, right down to the shop floor, knows about and loves the food we make

Food Heroes

Our Food Hero Programme has been running for three years and is a national, multi-site based initiative that allows food values to disseminate amongst our colleagues at the very cut face of the action, the shop floor. Our Food Heroes are specially selected individuals with a passion for food who are empowered to organise and present monthly events for their colleagues. A year long programme is designed by the Innovation Team and provided to the Food Heroes including ingredient information leaflets, recipes, posters, official feedback forms and a certificate for colleagues demonstrating great food values. This programme is how we invest in our people and spread knowledge and passion for food throughout the business.

Food Hero’s has shaped the way to inspire and encourage a positive step change in the way that we view food and our products within Adelie.  Through various events staff engagement has been an integral part of the Food Hero’s initiative to drive a strong passion for the products that we produce.

I am proud to lead the Food Hero programme  at Kilmarnock and look forward to the journey ahead

– Joan Findlay – Kimarnock Food Hero


Our monthly masterclass programme has been running consistently for four years. Each masterclass explores what the future holds for food, and how we can adopt new tastes and experiences to stay at the forefront of our industry. This is an opportunity to share research learnings, market and insight data and to give predictions on how the future ‘food-to-go’ market may look. Our masterclasses are all based on a unique topic and we bring in leading experts to talk about their field e.g. agronomist, nutritionist, growers, butchers. Anyone in Adelie and relevant customer base are invited to attend. We are a food business, so great food is what we do.