The true sign of intelligence is what’s on your plate…

Here at Adelie we love our food. That’s why you’ll find us travelling the breadth of the UK visiting food events and exhibitions to ensure we leave no stone (or bread roll) unturned in our pursuit of foodie knowledge.

In the past month, we’ve visited the London Brunch Festival, that celebrated all things, err, brunch, and the Speciality and Fine Food Fair. Forks at the ready, here’s what we found…

We need to talk about brunch

There is so much more to brunch than just pancakes, avocados and eggs…although they are still great of course. We have an increasingly global palette when it comes to food nowadays and this was evident at the festival where bold flavours and vibrant colours were on the menu. Looking east for inspiration, we tried steamed dim sum and bao burgers from On Café, while Benito’s Hat gave us a Mexican wakeup call with their tasty breakfast tacos.

Think muesli is old hat? Think again. There were a number of innovative and health-driven brands showcasing how muesli can still appeal as an exciting breakfast option. Pick of the crowd were Upfull who were promoting their new on-the-go bags, served in waterproof pouches, and Lola Granola who were offering healthy personalised bowls.

Health is a growing priority for consumers when they choose what dish to eat and this has seen a rise in all things pickled, fermented and gut-friendly. We spotted picked jams, homemade krauts and kimchis, while the trend has also penetrated the alcoholic sector with special Bloody Marys and kombucha drinks. It was no surprise to see plenty of vegan options as well, from iced coffees to monster burgers. If you didn’t hear we unveiled a new vegan range earlier this year…

Mustard, Mayo and Mighty Spices

It’s a hard job, but sampling exotic foods from around the world just has to be done by someone…and there were plenty of exciting innovations to be found at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair.

One of the first products to catch our eye was the Holy Lama Spice Drops, which are vials of spice natural extracts including cumin seed, turmeric and saffron. These could be used in a number of dishes are an easy way of adding some extra life to a dish.

Veganism is here to stay and we were impressed with the vegan mayo from Aquafaba. Essentially made from chick pea water, its packed full of protein it was a tasty addition to the growing world of free-from products. Sticking with the condiments, The Wasabi Company were showcasing their new Wasabi Mustard and Mayonnaise – watch out BBQ season 2019.

Another standout was the range of authentic Indian sauces from Yorkshire-based Aagrah. We met the passionate team behind the sauces and it was great to see they really love what they do!

We also spotted an array of nut butter products to meet the demand for more high protein, plant-based products, while there were also plenty of low and no alcohol drinks to cater for those looking to reduce their intake.

We want to make sure that our products hit the spot for consumers every time and there is plenty of food and thought from our recent explorations to build into our new ranges. Now, which event is next?