Simit Bread – A Little Bit of Turkey in Adelie

This is an image of simit bread

What is simit?
Simit is a type of bread roll with distinct circular shapes created by a series of handmade twists coated in sesame seeds. The twists in the bread is what makes this Turkish bread, almost a Turkish bagel, so unique and lovely to eat.

What does simit taste like?
Traditionally, simits are similar to a pretzel in texture, crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle, they have a slight sweetness as they are dipped in grape molasses to add taste and colour before baking in a hot stone oven. A kind of sweetened, twisted bagel if you will.

Where can I buy simit?
Simits have been enjoyed at breakfast across the Middle East since the early 16th century but if that’s a little far to travel, Adelie have recently launched a simit into our new Daily Bread range and Compass range called Chop Chop!


Making simit bread

How to make simit?
After hours of research into simit recipes and watching (possibly too many) videos of the professionals in Turkey speedily twisting their simits, we decided to have a go ourselves. We recreated the twisting as closely as possible and coated the dough in honey before covering with various seeds and cheese. After different toppings and twist variations, we were finally happy with our simit inspired roll and ready to trial in the factory.

Our Simit Inspired Twisted Bread
Similar to a traditional simit, each one of our simit inspired rolls is twisted by hand, creating defined twists, before being coated in a light molasses and then dipped in a mixture of golden flax and poppy seeds. The unique texture and flavour of our simit pairs perfectly with smoked salmon, soft cheese, crème fraiche, cucumber, dill and lemon juice in our recently launched roll.