On the road with URBAN eat and feeding the nation’s students

Each year Fresher’s Week sparks a flurry of activity from supermarkets and food brands – all claiming to have the recipe for success for feeding the latest campus intake. Everyone has a view on what students are eating nowadays and this season Waitrose caused a stir with their list of student essentials, including Rose harissa paste and Bouillon powder.

What is clear is that the modern student is now a much more different proposition to the lifestyle depicted by Rik Mayall et al in ‘The Young Ones’. In fairness to Waitrose, halls of residence nowadays are just as likely to be full of clean-living individuals enjoying home-cooked food, rather than beans on toast and a can of lager.

For the past few weeks our URBAN eat team has been travelling the country, introducing a new generation of students to our range of sandwiches, wraps, pastas, salads and snack pots. We believe that our latest range reflects the requirements of the university population better than ever before, including our new vegan products for meat-free Mondays and growing number of vegetarians, snack pots for those in-between lecture cravings and classics such as the BLT and All-Day Breakfast, which hit the spot after a night on the town.

We’ve listened closely to what students want from food to go and have broadened our ranges to ensure every taste is catered for to maximise sales. As part of this, we’ve extended our range of hot options for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner, which can be easily heated in store/in café – ideal for when you need something quick to keep you going during the cold winter months.

Armed with our ‘Fancy a Nibble’ board, we travelled from London to Dundee, Aberystwyth to Sunderland and everywhere in-between, educating (but mostly feeding) the next generation of great minds. As well as an eclectic range, our products are affordable with prices starting from £1.79 in student unions.

Students are a core audience for us, and while food trends and habits change, we firmly believe the sandwich will always be able to accommodate their changing palettes, hence why we’re always innovating and researching the next big thing! You can find our full range here and at your local Student’s Union.