Food festivals to explore in July

Our development team are always on the road at food festivals and events looking for new flavours and trends to enhance the next generation of Adelie products. We like to keep our finger on the foodie pulse, and of course will never turn down the chance to sample some of the UK’s finest dishes!

If you’re looking for festivals to satisfy your taste buds this July, or simply want to avoid a certain football tournament, here’s a selection of what’s coming up around the UK:

  • Colmore Food Festival, Birmingham, 6-7 July: Visitors will find live cooking demos, cocktail masterclasses, wine tasting and food from local venues
  • Foodies Festival, Blackheath, 7-9 July: UK’s biggest food festival launches with a street food avenue, cake & bake theatre and special guests from the Great British Bake Off and MasterChef
  • Just V Show, London, 6-8 July: A celebration of all things vegetarian and vegan with cooking demonstrations, talks and a huge selection of new products to try
  • The Great British Food Festival, Knebworth, 21-22 July: Following in the footsteps of Oasis and Robbie Williams, Knebworth welcomes chefs from around the world, as well as over 70 traders and a range of family entertainment
  • The Cheese & Chili Festival, Guildford, 21-22 July: Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this is the only show in the UK celebrating all things cheese and chili related
  • New Forest & Hampshire Country Show, 24-26 July: Returning for another year, visitors can indulge themselves at the garden tearoom, explore the local produce market and sample creations from around the world at the food hall

We’ll leave you with two of the big foodie talking points from the last month…

  • Those who struggle to eat their recommended daily intake of vegetables might want to try broccoli coffee…currently being sampled by a café in Australia this unique beverage uses a powdered version of broccoli made from bunches deemed too imperfect in appearance to reach supermarket shelves…
  • There was quite a stir when cockroach ‘milk’ was suggested as the latest superfood…as it can only be extracted in lab conditions it will be a while before this reaches your breakfast table!

Jonathan Burridge – Senior Development Chef at Adelie Foods