CHOP CHOP Launch into Compass

Compass and Adelie have been intensively working together over the last 6 months to completely redevelop and redesign the Compass Food-to-go range. Multiple sessions using the experience of the Adelie NPD team as well as the Compass Innovation and Category Management team, a range of 132 products were agreed upon, with a split of 70 Core, 39 Premium and 23 Hospitality. With this, over 50 new Ingredients of Quality and Provenance as well as 10 new Packaging formats have been introduced. All of this has been encompassed under the new, bold and modern design of the ‘Chop Chop’ Brand. The work was driven by the consumer demand for great quality, enhanced branding and an overall stand-out range.
We worked with suppliers to improve the quality of ingredients such as the Smoky Sweetcure Bacon now used in the BLT and the 9-Month Matured Cheddar Cheese now used in the Cheddar Ploughmans. We also introduced some innovative carriers, such as the Spianata and the Simit.

The Spianata (translates to ‘flatten or stretch’) is an Italian inspiration from the Alta Mora region. The recipe contains a high level of semolina, giving it a soft bite and slightly yellow crumb. This dough is stretched into shape by hand and then stone baked until a soft crust is developed. This has been used to create a taste of the Mediterranean in the Chicken with Chargrilled Artichoke and Olive Tapenade as well as the Goat’s Cheese with Chargrilled Peppers and Chilli Jam.

The Simit originates from Istanbul and has been eaten as a breakfast dish in Turkey for the last 6 centuries. Each bread is individually handmade, twisted into a circular shape, dipped into grape molasses and coated with sesame seeds. Some can mistake the simit for a bagel but do not be fooled as the taste and texture is very different. We worked with our supplier to create our own unique and exclusive version of the Simit by coating the top with poppy seeds and linseeds. Our Simit inspired bread has been filled with Smoked Salmon and Soft Cheese.

As the current market is largely being led by retailers such as Pret A Manger and M&S due to an increased consumer demand for snacking, we have also put together a great range of snack pots. These can be enjoyed any time throughout the day and include some delicious flavors such as, Moroccan Style Chicken and Chickpea, Salmon and Peas with a Beetroot Houmous.

Not only has snacking become more preferred but the desire for enriched dough breads (where additional flavor and texture enhancing ingredients other than flour, water, leavening agents and salt are used) have seen a surge in popularity. So not to miss out on the new trends, we have also added into the range a brioche bun filled with slow cooked pulled pork, sage and onion stuffing, parsley, basil and cracked black pepper, topped with lemon and garlic aioli, fried onions and salad leaves. Delicious!