The business of breakfast – Taking inspiration from hot eats across the world

Breakfast on the move is big business. The number of people eating ‘the most important meal of the day’ out of home is now nearly half (46%) – a huge jump from just 28% five years ago[1]. Plus, consumers are spending more – on average £3.20 is now spent per trip[2].

With everyone trying to grab a slice of the breakfast pie, it’s no secret that having the right breakfast offer is more important than ever before. It’s why outlets have upped their coffee game – and why we’ve extended our range of URBAN eat hot breakfast eats.

But at Adelie we’re always looking for the next piece of food-to-go innovation, so we took to the streets of London to see what some of the more innovative cafes and restaurants were serving at the start of the day…

First stop… Ole & Steen

A high-end bakery, first established in the UK in 2006, Ole & Steen is known for its wide selection of rolls, buns and pastries. Rustic baking at it’s best, we particularly enjoyed the seed and nut topped bread, and the warm Cinnamon Social Slice.

Next up… Wahaca

Wahaca is one of the many causal full-service restaurant chains that spotted breakfast out of home has never been so popular – and profitable. Giving traditional breakfast foods, such as eggs, sausage and tomato a Mexican twist hits the spot for those looking for a more adventurous start to the day. The Huevos Rancheros (two fried eggs on blue corn tortillas with frijoles, roast tomato salsa and green tomato salsa) and Mexican Scrambled Eggs (made with sautéed onion, chilli and tomato, and served with refried beans on sourdough toast) were particular favourites of ours.


Middle Eastern cuisine has been growing in popularity for the past few years. Now we’re seeing it take the breakfast world by storm. Again, traditional items were given a modern twist, as YOSMA served Turkish poached eggs with yogurt, chilli butter, garlic and burnt leek, as well as toasties, such as the Hellim Toastie – halloumi mushrooms, garlic, lemon and olives. Our particular favourite though was the Sucuklu Yumurta Shakshuka, two tomato baked eggs, spicy beef sausage, yogurt and chilli butter. Delicious!


Indian spices perhaps aren’t what typically springs to mind when you think of breakfast, well until now. Rated one of London’s top restaurants, where queues half the length of Kingly Street aren’t uncommon, Dishoom offers arguably one of the greatest twists on the traditional English breakfast. The Bacon Naan roll is the equivalent of our beloved bacon buttie, while the Toast Staple, cooked in the fire and served with pink peppercorn jam and star anise marmalade is certainly different from your typical toast and jam. Other genius ideas included the Cumin Spiced Lassis – fruit and yogurt infused with fresh vanilla, topped with starflower honey, and home-made buns.

With such a range of bold flavours and tasty dishes available for today’s consumers, even without knowing 45% of consumers would like a larger range of hot food to go products, we’d be looking at new flavour combinations and serves we could offer. So while we get back to the kitchen to cook up our next top selling hot eat, you can check out the existing range here.

[1] MCA, Feb 2017

[2] Kantar World Panel, October 2016