Bringing the new URBAN eat collection to a hungry office!

This week our new URBAN eat collection arrived in stores and cafes across the UK. We put our minds together in order to come up with the hottest selection of vegan sandwiches and wraps you’ll find on the high street, while also bringing a new range of snack pots and hot breakfast eats to ensure you can crush it every mealtime!

What better way to unveil the new products to market than with a visit to a busy London workplace? Office workers are the bastion of the sandwich and with around a third of people eating lunch at their desks, our new collection gives a wider choice of sandwiches and wraps, while the fruit snack pots are ideal for a healthy snack during the 9-5.

Did you taste the cheese?

The number of vegans in the UK has risen by 360% in the last ten years and the movement towards free from diets is being driven by younger consumers.

What would an office of millennials think of our new vegan cheese, which can be found in the Pickle Me Up Sandwich (Dairy free cheddar style cheese with pickle, tomato, red onion and salad leaves), our beloved Pesto Presto (Dairy free mozzarella with pesto, slow roast tomato, tomato and salad leaves) and the Hot Mozza Bella Panini (Dairy free mozzarella, sweet chilli peppers, pesto, slow roasted tomato and tomato ragu).

“I’d have never of guessed that wasn’t dairy cheese if you hadn’t told me!”- Anna, 28, speaking about the Pesto Presto wrap.

The vegan collection also involves a few other surprises, including the Dirty Jack Wrap (BBQ jackfruit with ‘Dirty Sauce’, carrot slaw, sweetcorn and salad leaves) and the Avo-lafel Sandwich (Avocado falafel, red pepper tapenade, pesto, red and yellow pepper and salad leaves). Commonly used in South and Southeast Asian cuisines, Jackfruit has been trending, especially within the street food sector, as a popular addition to vegan/vegetarian diets, while our innovation team created avocado falafel to bring something new to the market.

“I’ve previously had jack fruit but wasn’t a big fan, but this (the Dirty Jack Wrap) was great and I’m now on board the jack fruit train. I even called my mum that evening to tell her about it.” – Megan, 24

“That’s the best high-street falafel sandwich I’ve had.” – Pirash, 25

Pot luck

More of us are picking up food on the go, either to eat on the move or to bring to work to keep us going through the day. Our new selection of snack pots cater for consumers who are looking for healthier options to consume as our eating habits evolve from traditional meal times to more snack-orientated. In fact, 75% of Brits are choosing smaller, more ‘snacky’ meals in favour of ‘proper’ meals.

“The melon & grape pot was delicious, really fresh and really convenient to eat at the desk”- Helena, 25

“What more can you ask for than Mini Cheddars, Dairylea and fruit in a box? A tasty collection to tackle that afternoon lull!”- Clodagh, 26

Start the day the URBAN eat way

We’ve also introduced new products to satisfy breakfast on the go, including the Sausage Bap and the Cheese & Mushroom Croissant. These new products satisfy the need for more hot options, with 45% of shoppers asking for a larger range of hot food to go products to be made available.

“It certainly makes a difference to the traditional bowl of cereal and is great to mix up breakfast options while at work” – Will, 25, speaking about the Cheese & Mushroom Croissant.

The new URBAN eat collection is available now. For more information on the range, call 0333 0037843 or email